Bali Horse Riding

Bali horse riding on the beach with sunrise

There are many adventure tours available that can provide quite sensational adventurous activities, one of which is bali horse riding on the beach with sunrise which is located on Tantu beach, Sanur Bali.

This equestrian activity will give you the sensation of a new way of adventure to enjoy the natural beauty of the beach which is still less of visitors and able to provide more experience while on vacation in Bali

Bali horse riding on the beach with sunrise, Equestrian tourism or recreation is indeed favored by all circles, very suitable for filling family activities, especially children.

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Bali Horse riding with sunrise is indeed in demand by foreign tourists who want to get new experiences and have often visited Bali.

then bali horse riding on the beach with sunrise will be the most ideal choice.
For foreign tourists, equestrian tourism activities can also be a new tourist offer that gives the sensation of adventuring on the beach with sunrise and getting a different experience from other tours.
usually during school holidays, holidays and new year Bali horse riding on the beach with sun rise activities are ordered by many domestic tourists, that's why if you are interested, you can order early, because at any time this activity is full / exhausted.

After you are satisfied with enjoying tourism destinations by joining a tour package or car rental plus a driver provided by your travel agency then Bali Horse Riding on the beach with sun rose is ready to prepare unique horse riding attractions, we will offer the best and cheaper price for this adventure

Bali Horse Riding at Tangtu beach Sanur Bali

Tangtu Beach Sanur is a coastal beach that empties into a river located in the eastern Denpasar area, the beach is black sand, the nature is still beautiful, the atmosphere is calm, presenting a different atmosphere.
When you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, Tangtu beach in Sanur will be able to provide a sense of relaxation in enjoying a tour with your family or beloved partner.

The natural atmosphere of Tangtu beach sanur that supports this makes ideal choice for participating in horse riding tourism activities in Bali.
Riding a horse, while relaxing enjoying the natural surroundings or you can spur it faster according to your ability with the guidance of a guide who is ready to accompany you on this tour.

To join on Bali horse riding on the beach with sunrise no special skills are needed, everyone can enjoy it, because an experienced guide will assist you who are ready beside during horse riding trip.

However, before participating in Bali horse riding on the beach with sunrise activity, the officer kindly explained how to ride a horse properly and safely.
For beginners, if you are worried because this is your first time, you can ask for more information about the best riding techniques, you can even ask for a horse that is easier to control and ask for a guide to continue to accompany you while riding.

After got information the riding technique and feeling that everything is ready, then your guide is invited to walk along the riverbank to a beach with beautiful sand, with natural sea views and rows of fishing boats that adorn this area, adding to the beauty it has to offer.

After being satisfied along the beauty of the beach, you are also invited to enjoy the view of the rice fields. The duration of bali horse riding on the beach with sunrise in 1 hour covers a distance of about 10 km, it will be enough for a new experiences on your tour in Bali.
Bali horse riding on the beach with sun rise at Tangtu beach Sanur, is also liked by children, if you are on vacation with family and children, then this activity is mandatory for them to enjoy, this 1 hour journey will not feel tiring.

In addition to horse-riding tourism activities, this beach is the destination of the Melasti ceremony, to float the ashes of the corpse in the Ngaben ceremony, as a place for fishermen to catch fish, fishing activities and as a place to relax and feel the peaceful, quieter and calmer natural atmosphere.