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Welcome to BALI CANDIDASA TOUR. Thank you for visiting our site, introduce my name Astawa Wayan, and my team used to call me AWA. I am a native Balinese With the background of education in the Hospitality School in Denpasar. Some of the major travel agents that I have handled, such as JTB (Japan Travel Bureau), and HIS (Highest International Standards).

I also have the experience of being an English and Japanese driver for several tour groups. By providing the best service at an affordable price, as well as an adjustable schedule, many of my previous guests recommended me to their friends.

At Bali Candidasa, we offer you a private tour that suits your interests.

In addition, we also offer other best tour packages, such as Bali Tour, Bali Transportation, Bali Airport Services, Bali Tour Packages, Bali Sports Activities, Bali Mountain Trekking, Bali Adventure Tours, Bali Cycling Tours, Bali Fishing Tours, Bali Private Boat Nusa Penida Tour, Bali Komodo Island and Bali Information.

Our Bali Tour services are designed to explore the Essence of Bali and its abundant Natural Charm. Please do not hesitate to contact us before visiting Bali.

Our main goal is to give you a unique and memorable experience to see the real Bali with affordable, comfortable and friendly services. 

For the best experience of Bali Tour Services, please contact us today at Bali Candidasa

We really hope to meet you.

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