Ayung River Rafting with Waterfall

Ayung River Rafting

Ayung river rafting

The Ayung River is the most popular river or rafting route in Bali. Located in Payangan Ubud Village, you will be challenged to cross a 13 km long river with a total time about 2 hours. The Ayung River is also known for challenging currents, making it the best place for rafting.

This river is one of the main and longest rivers in Bali. The Ayung River is one of the rivers in Bali which is known as one of the rivers for rafting (rafting) in Bali.

Rafting in Bali
The current is not as big as the Telagawaja River, but that is a challenge in itself because we need powerful pedals to continue the journey.
This river rafting is also suitable for children because the character is not so heavy, it is quite safe for children from the age of 7 years. Children flanked by parents.

The natural scenery along the river is quite beautiful. A small waterfall can be a place to take pictures as a memento. At some points along the river are the locations of famous hotels and resorts in Bali

There are indeed some parts that are quite exciting and there are some points that are even very soft.
This is one of the uniqueness of rafting in ayung river with various conditions that very challenging