Snorkeling Manta Ray

Snorkeling With Manta Ray On Private Boat Nusa Penida Day Tour

Need to Know Snorkeling With Manta Rays in Nusa Penida – Is it Dangerous?

As we know manta rays can grow up to 23 feet (7 m) and weigh around 6600 lbs (3000 kg) making it understandable that many people think snorkeling with manta rays are dangerous. 
But don't worry, despite their size, manta rays are completely harmless to humans.

Bali manta rays are Reef Manta species that are the second-largest ray species after an average size of 9.8-11.5 ft (3-3.5 m). They are filter feeders which means they feed on plankton, crustaceans and smaller fish, have small, non-sharp teeth only that they use to chew their food.

Mantas don’t have poisonous tail stinger so it is completely safe to swim with manta rays. They have the largest brain of all bony fish and enjoy interacting with humans, so it is not a surprise that snorkelers and divers often describe their minds snorkeling with manta ray as their best experience.

Where to see manta rays in Nusa Penida?
Snorkeling with manta ray on private boat Nusa Penida day tour are often advertised as “manta trip Nusa Lembongan” but this is a misleading information. Although there is chance to spot snorkeling with manta ray around Nusa Lembongan, but where they can be found with high possibility all year round is the southern coast of Nusa Penida. The best places to see manta rays in Penida are Manta Bay for snorkeling and Manta Point for diving , Sometimes they swim around Crystal Bay too.

Manta Bay
A relatively shallow area where manta rays tend to swim and feed on the surface thanks to currents rich in plankton. This is the place where snorkeling with manta ray on private boats nusa penida day tour will take you. It is not just one specific bay but rather a group of bays where mantas can be seen with a 95% chance according to the local guides.

Manta Point
One of the most southern dive spots of the island surrounded by high cliffs. The water is approx. 15 meters deep at Manta Point. Currents are tricky and the sea is often rough here, therefore this place mostly visited by divers only. This is a manta cleaning station where these majestic creatures take a rest in 13-20 ft (4-6 meters) deep water while getting cleaned by smaller fish.

Manta Viewpoint
You can see these giant creatures not only when heading out on a snorkeling with manta ray on Private Boat Nusa Penida day tour but from land too! Keep your eyes open while hiking or visiting viewpoints because you can often see mantas surfacing in the sea!